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Team, Our Strength

Our team consists of over 380 talented individuals of diverse fields, who work in coordination to help us serve respectable customers with our quality Electret Microphone, Flow Sensor, Piezo Alarm, Piezo Buzzer, Loud Speaker, Magnetic Buzzer, SMD Buzzer, etc. Our professionals are passionate about their respective fields and jobs, and as a result, they give excellent results. They respect one another and offer complete support to each other so that our organization attains growth and success.


In Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, we have our state-of-the-art production plant, armed with modern tools, machines, and equipment that help in developing the offered buzzers, speakers, microphones, and many other products at a good speed. Apart from the production facilities, we have specific units for quality testing, storage, accounting, etc.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy helps us move closer to the aim of supplying products with zero defects. The policy also guides us to have cost reduction so that we can meet the requirements of a large number of customers for Piezo Buzzer, Loud Speaker,  Electret Microphone, Piezo Alarm, Magnetic Buzzer, SMD Buzzer, etc.

Quality Targets

  • Develop products as per ISO9001and QS9000 standards
  • Regularly improve quality system
  • Ensure that interior defection is less than 1.0%
  • Defection rate in the delivered goods is less than 30 PPM
  • 100% implementing contracts
  • Gain 100% customers satisfaction rate
  • Set and follow the new projects developing schedule as per the demands of customers
  • Carry out cost down plan and control the cost under target range

QC/Technical Support

We offer regular training programs to QC staff so that they have complete control over our products quality and the finest is supplied by us to customers.

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